Refund Policy

You may cancel your booking with us any time before your scheduled date and time of pickup. This may be done using the GOTAXA Cab Mobile App by login your registered credentials anytime on the 24x7.

  • What are terms and conditions if RIDER cancels my One Way/Book now/Round trip?

    If your booking is cancelled by rider side within 1 (four) hours of the scheduled pickup date and time, it shall be treated as a ride cancelled by the customer. In such case we are refund your commission amount which was deducted at the time of booking in your gotaxa wallet.

  • What are terms and conditions if I cancel my one way/ Book now/ Round tripl?

    All the cancellation requests rose through gotaxa app for the one way/ book now/ round trip. If driver/agent cancelled confirmed bookings then we are not refund any commission amount to you in any situation.

  • Can I cancel my booking in the middle of the journey?

    No, you can’t cancel your booking trip in the middle of the journey.

  • However, gotaxa Cab maintains a Zero Cancellation Policy and this Cancellation Amount shall be credited to driver/agent gotaxa wallet in the form of Coin which may be redeemed in part/full with any other gotxa Booking(s) in future only if rider cancelled bookings.
  • If for any reason driver/agent takes too long to get to rider and rider cancelled the bookings then the commission amount not refund to you.
  • If there is a No-Show from rider end, i.e. rider not available at pickup location in this case you cancelled bookings after waiting of one hour. In this situation you may got your commission amount refund on after gotaxa team verification.
  • If your booking cancellation is done due to external unavoidable factors beyond control of human being such as epidemic, floods, fire, strikes, lockouts, terrorist or similar forces or due to force majeure, your total commission amount will be refunded into gotaxa Cab wallet which can be used without expiry in future.
  • 8. All driver/ agent shall be demand there refund commission amount only write a mail to