Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

1) Is Gotaxa app used by rider (or passenger)?

No. At present Gotaxa app is used only by registered agent. Very soon an App will launched for riders also.

2) We are already connected with our local agents in Whatsapp group then why to use Gotaxa app?

Whatsapp is the most popular chatting app. But Gotaxa help you to share and filter data related to booking, fare, offer, payment etc.

3) We are already connected with Whatsapp in entire West Bengal then why join you?

We are saving your time to find your requirement through filtration process in our app.

4) How will Gotaxa help me to get booking (passenger) for my empty vehicles when it is returning?

You can set your own offer price in the app. We have wide network of verified agents in entire west Bengal and neighbouring states. These agents can see your offer and you may get one way booking for your returing vehicle.

5) Why I submit my personal details like Aadhaar, PAN, business proof, mobile no etc. to Gotaxa?

Gotaxa is an MSME registered company and we respect your privacy. We take these documents for verification purpose only. We do not share your personal information and your documents with any third party. Name and mobile number is shared among verified agents so that they can see your offer price for booking ride. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

6) What are the main benefits of using Gotaxa app?

a) As our mission is NO EMPTY VEHICLES run you know, so you find in our app one way ride at approx. 50% discounted price always.
b) Gotaxa will help you to get assistance in mid-way journey. Suppose, your vehicle breaks down mid-way, then you can arrange alternative vehicle for your passenger instantly using Gotaxa app. You can search local agents near that location arrange alternative vehicle.

7) If I face difficulty in installing and using Gotaxa app, will I get help?

Ofcourse Yes. Firstly, Gotaxa is desined in such a way that you will not face any difficulty. However, our support team will always help you if you have any difficulty or query. Please see our email, phone and Whatsapp number on Contact Us page.